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IPL 2023: Top 5 Most Consistent Batsman in Last Five Years

David Warner, the standout as we look at the top 5 most consistent batsman in the last 5 years in IPL from 2018 to 2023.

The Indian Premier League as a platform has given players to explore and prove their potential to the world. If we talk about the batters in IPL, the question has always been about Impact vs Consistency. In a realistic scenario, a batter who is impactful isn’t consistent, and that batter who is consistent isn’t impactful. 

People look at batters from different perspective, and want either them to be consistent or impactful. Both types of batters play an important role in team success. So, in this article, we take a look at the top 5 most consistent batters in the last 5 years in IPL from 2018 to 2023. But how do we define consistency?

Well, defining consistency is a subjective term, and every individual may perceive consistency differently. However, if we simply formalize this from the numbers point of view, we should consider all knocks above 30+, not outs less than 30, and some impactful knocks between 20 to 30.

The analysis may not be perfect, but would still give us a clear picture in terms of consistency. Alright then, let’s look at the top 5 most consistent batters in the last 5 years of IPL from 2018 to 2023. Please note, only batters who have scored 1000+ in this period are considered for evaluation.  

Top 5 Batters Most Consistent Batsman IPL (2018 – 2023)  

#5: Rishabh Pant – 53.6%

Inns: 73 // Runs: 2273 // Avg: 37.9 // SR: 147.1 // Hs: 128

Number 5 on the list may surprise you seeing Rishabh Pant’s name. It was the case with me too, but Rishabh Pant has actually been a consistent batter in IPL in the last 5 including the gold 2018 season where he amassed 600+ runs. Overall, Pant has scored 2273 runs in the last 5 years from 73 innings at an average of 37.9 and a good strike rate of 147.1. He has scored 34 thirty+ scores and 3 impactful innings between 20 and 30; thus taking his consistency to 53.6%. 

#4: Ruturaj Gaikwad – 54.6%

Inns: 44 // Runs: 1524 // Avg: 39.1 // SR: 133.9 // Hs: 101

Number 4 on the list is one of the most exciting youngsters from CSK, Ruturaj Gaikwad. Gaikwad is into his fourth season, and in the 44 innings that he has played so far, he has already amassed 1524 runs at an average of 39.1 and a decent strike rate of 133.9. He won Orange Cap in 2021, and has already scored 24 thirty+ scores; thus taking his consistency to 54.6% 

#3: Jos Buttler – 56.9%

Inns: 65 // Runs: 2575 // Avg: 44.4 // SR: 149.8 // Hs: 124

Number 3 sees Jos Buttler, who perceptively looks more of an impactful player than consistent. But if we analyze his data closely, Jos Buttler has been quite consistent in the last 5 years. He has played a total of 65 innings with 31 thirty+ scores and 6 impactful knocks below 30; thus taking his consistency to 56.9%. Buttler won the Orange cap in 2022, and since 2018, he has scored 2575 runs at an average of 44.4 and a strike rate of 149.8. 

#2: KL Rahul – 57.1%

Inns: 77 // Runs: 3436 // Avg: 52.9 // SR: 136.5 // Hs: 130

Talk about consistency in IPL, and one name that would be synonymous with that is KL Rahul. The leading run-getter in IPL since 2018, KL Rahul has scored 3436 runs from 77 innings at an average of 52.9 and a strike rate of 136.5. Fans do call out the slow knocks played by KL Rahul in IPL, but ignoring that, he has scored 44 thirty+ scores; thus taking his consistency to 57.1%. He also has 33 fifty+ scores in IPL between 2018-23; the most by any batter. 

#1: David Warner – 62.5%

Inns: 56 // Runs: 2173 // Avg: 45.3 // SR: 134.8 // Hs: 100

Finally, the most consistent batter in the last 5 years in IPL is the current Delhi Capitals captain, David Warner.  Similar to KL Rahul, there could be the question of slow knocks from David Waner, but even then Warner has been making runs in abundance in IPL. In the 56 innings that David Warner has played since 2019, he has 34 thirty+ scores to his name along with one impactful between 20 and 30. Warner’s consistency is the highest at 62.5% from his 2173 runs from 56 innings.  

So, that’s about the top 5 most consistent batsman in IPL in the last 5 years from 2018 to 2023. Please watch this space for all updates on the article in the near future.  

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