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IPL Classic: Top 5 Highest Boundary Percentage in Century Knock

Yashasvi Jaiswal, the standout as we look at the top 5 players with the highest boundary percentage in a century knock in IPL. 

When we talk about the batters in a T20 game, we are often excited by the number of boundaries and sixes scored by the players. No matter how much we talk about the game bringing a good balance between bat and ball, boundaries tend to bring us more joy and fun.

When Yashasvi Jaiswal recently scored a century albeit in a losing cause, what stood out was the number of boundaries hit by him. He scored a massive 112 runs in boundaries from the 124 runs he scored. Suddenly, I felt, this has got to be right at the top when it comes to the % of boundaries scored in an IPL knock.

When I did analyze it, it surely was in the top 5. But what about the other four? Well, let’s exactly find the same as we look at the top 5 highest boundary percentage in a century knock in IPL. Please note, to keep the analysis fair, we shall only analyze the century knocks since the inception of IPL.    

Highest Boundary Percentage in a Century Knock in IPL

#5: Chris Gayle’s 107 vs KXIP 2011 – 87.9% 

Score: 107(49) // Runs in Boundaries: 94 // Boundary %: 87.9

At number 5, we have Chris Gayle’s 107 from his early IPL days. The year is 2011 when Chris Gayle started making a mark in IPL. The knock came against Punjab Kings while batting first. Chris Gayle hit a stunning 107 off 49 balls with a strike rate of 218.4. He hit 10 fours and 9 sixes in it; thus scoring 94 runs in boundaries and a boundary percentage of 87.85. 

#4: Chris Gayle’s 175 vs PW 2013 – 88% 

Score: 175*(66) // Runs in Boundaries: 154 // Boundary %: 88

Number 4 once again sees Chris Gayle, but this time with the highest individual score in IPL. The year is 2013, and Chris Gayle went berserk against the relatively weaker bowling lineup of the Pune Warriors. Gayle scored a mammoth 175 off 66 balls at a strike rate of 265.2. Gayle hit 13 fours and record 17 sixes in that match; thus scoring 154 runs in boundaries with a boundary % of 88. 

#3: Adam Gilchrist’s 109 vs MI 2008 – 88.1% 

Score: 109*(47) // Runs in Boundaries: 96 // Boundary %: 88.1

Number 3 on the list is a breathtaking century by Adam Gilchrist in the debut IPL year of 2008. Chasing 155 against Mumbai Indians, Adam Gilchrist activated a beast mode as he scored 70% of teams during his knock of 109 off 47 balls. He hit 9 fours and 10 sixes in his knock; thus scoring 96 runs in boundaries with a boundary % of 88.1.  

#2: Sanath Jayasuriya’s 114 vs CSK 2008 – 89.5% 

Score: 114*(48) // Runs in Boundaries: 102 // Boundary %: 89.5

Surprisingly, the number 2 knock on the list also belongs to the debut season, but this time from another Southpaw Sanath Jayasuriya. The El Clasico of IPL saw Sanath Jayasuriya going berserk during the chase of 157 runs. Jayasuriya scored 72.2% of team runs during his knock of 114 off 48 balls. He hit 9 fours and 11 sixes in his knock; thus scoring 102 runs in boundaries with a boundary % of 89.5. 

#1: Yashasvi Jaiswal vs MI 2023 – 90.3% 

Score: 124(62) // Runs in Boundaries: 112 // Boundary %: 90.3

Finally, the latest of the lot, and also the best of all as it is coming from a 21-year-old player, Yashasvi Jaiswal. Batting first, Yashasvi Jaiswal scored a mind-boggling 124 off 62 balls with a strike rate of 200. The 21-year-old hit 16 fours and 8 sixes in his knock; thus scoring 112 runs in boundaries with a boundary % of 90.3. Jaiswal’s 112 runs in boundaries is also the second-highest after Chris Gayle’s 154 runs. 

So, that’s about the top 5 century knocks with the highest boundary percentage in IPL. Surprisingly, the top 5 knocks have all come from left-handers. Please watch this space for all updates on the article in the near future.  

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