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Team India Best Ranked Cricket Players 11 – All 3 Formats

Shubman Gill and Mohammed Siraj, the standouts as we look at the best ranked cricket players for India in all 3 formats. 

It’s November 8th, and after a very long time, we have an Indian batter and bowler as the number 1 ranked player in the ICC ODI Rankings. The International Cricket Council in their latest update shared the news that Shubman Gill and Mohammed Siraj have regained the number 1 batter and bowler ranking respectively.

As of November 08, we have also witnessed Team India’s amazing feat where they are ranked as the number 1 team in all three formats. This is an amazing achievement for the Indian team which is already flying high in the 2023 ODI World Cup with 8 wins from 8 games, and a confirmed place in the Semi-finals. 

With Siraj and Gill gaining the number 1 status in the ICC rankings, there are a lot of players in the top 10 rankings in all three formats. So, in this article, we take a look at the 11 players for Team India who are currently ranked among the best as per the ICC Rankings in all three formats. 

Current Best Ranked Cricket Players 11 for Team India:

#11: Axar Patel (Rank 5 Test All-rounder)

At number 11, we have Axar Patel, who is number 5 in the list of ICC Test All-rounder rankings. Axar has been a key player for India for Test matches at home, and has often bowled in tandem with Ravindra Jadeja and Ravichandran Ashwin on spin-friendly tracks. He currently has 298 points. Whereas his highest points are 311, which he achieved in March 2023. 

#10: Kuldeep Yadav (Rank 4 ODI Bowler)

At number 10, we have Kuldeep Yadav, who is ranked 4 in the ICC ODI Bowlers ranking. Kuldeep has been the leading spinner for India in ODIs, and is currently ranked 4 with 661 points. He is one of three ODI bowlers for India in the Top 10 rankings. While Kuldeep has 661 points, his best is 765 points, which he achieved in Jan 2019. 

#9: Virat Kohli (Rank 4 ODI Batter)

Number 9 sees King Kohli, who is currently ranked 4 in the list of Top 10 ODI batters. Kohli has ruled the batting charts in ODIs for more than 3 years, but a drop in form in 2019 caused his rankings to drop a bit. He currently has 770 points, but his highest has been 911 points, which he achieved in July 2018. 

#8: Ravindra Jadeja (Rank 3 Test Bowler)

At Number 8, we have Ravindra Jadeja, who is is Number 3 in the list of Top 10 Test bowlers. For almost a decade, Ravindra Jadeja has been a key bowler for India in Test matches. He currently has 782 points to his name, but his best has been 899 points, which he achieved in March 2017. 

#7: Hardik Pandya (Rank 2 T20I All-rounder)

At number 7, we have Hardi Pandya, who is number 2 in the list of Top 10 T20I All-rounders. Hardik Pandya is not only the leader of Team India in T20Is, but also the best All-rounder in the country. He currently has 226 points to his name as an All-rounder. However, his best has been 266 points, which he achieved in August 2023. 

#6: Ravichandran Ashwin (Rank 2 Test All-rounder)

At number 6, we have Ravichandran Ashwin, who is number 2 in the list of Top All-rounder in Test matches. Ashwin, alongside Jadeja and Axar, has played a crucial role for India as a lower-order batter and top-class spin bowler. Ashwin currently has 370 points under his belt. However, his best is 492 points, which he achieved in November 2016.   

#5: Mohammed Siraj (Rank 1 ODI Bowler)

Coming to number 5, we finally move on to the Number 1 ranking across all formats. The first up is Mohammed Siraj, who is currently the number 1 ODI bowler with 709 points under his belt. Siraj has shown excellence in bowling in the last 1-2 years in ODIs, and his performance has finally helped him achieve the number 1 rank. However, Siraj’s best came earlier this year in Jan 2023 vs New Zealand where he had 736 points. 

#4: Ravindra Jadeja (Rank 1 Test All-rounder)

Coming to number 4, we have the number 1 ranked Test All-rounder in the World, Ravindra Jadeja. Be it taking crucial wickets or scoring those vital lower-order runs, Jadeja has been a phenomenal All-rounder in Tests for India. Jadeja currently has 455 points under his belt. However, his best came against Australia in Feb 2023, where he had 460 points. 

#3: Shubman Gill (Rank 1 ODI Batter)

The newest member of the Number 1 ranking is Shubman Gill, who is now the number 1 ranked ODI batter with 830 points. Gill became only the fourth Indian batter to get to the number 1 ODI ranking. With 830 points, he is marginally ahead of Babar Azam, who has 824 points. However, Gill’s best is still 847 points, which he achieved just before the World Cup against Australia. 

#2: Suryakumar Yadav (Rank 1 T20I Batter)

Talking about number 2 on the list, we have the number 1 ranked T20I batter in the world, Suryakumar Yadav. SKY has been a phenomenal T20I batter for India dominating almost every batting record in the last 2-3 years. SKY currently has 863 points to his name, which is almost 76 points more than second-placed Mohammad Rizwan. However, overall, SKY’s highest rating stands at 910, which he achieved in Jan 2023.   

#1: Ravichandran Ashwin (Rank 1 Test Bowler)

Finally, the best-ranked bowler among all Indian players is Ravichandran Ashwin. Ashwin is currently the number 1 Test bowler in the World with a total of 879 points to his name. He is almost 54 points more than second-placed Kagiso Rabada. Overall, Ashwin’s all-time best rating stands at 904, which he achieved in December 2016. 

So, that’s about the best-ranked cricket players for India in all 3 formats. Apart from the above-mentioned 11 players, we have Rohit Sharma at 6 and 10 in ODIs and Tests respectively. Then there’s Jasprit Bumrah at 8 and 10 in ODIs and Tests respectively. There’s Mohammed Shami and Ravindra Jadeja at 10 and 10 respectively in ODIs. 

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