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KL Rahul vs Jos Buttler: The Fierce Battle of WK Finishers in ODIs

Two admirable batters for their country go head to head as we look at the fierce stats comparison for KL Rahul vs Jos Buttler in ODIs. 

If we look at the current ODI World Cup, there are quite a good number of wicket-keepers that play at number 5 or below position. There’s Heinrich Klaasen of South Africa, Scott Edwards of the Netherlands, Mushfiqur Rahim of Bangladesh, Tom Latham of New Zealand, Josh Inglis of Australia, Jos Buttler of England, and KL Rahul of India. 

But with India facing England in a few days in the World Cup 2023 clash, the two wicket-keepers that play almost a similar role are Jos Buttler and KL Rahul. Both are quite similar when it comes to cricket. Both play as an opener in T20s, but in ODIs have adapted their game to play as a finisher. 

So, in this article, we do a detailed KL Rahul vs Jos Buttler stats wizard comparison in ODIs. Even though both have played various roles in the team, for ease of our analysis, we shall only look at their stats with them playing at 5 or below in ODIs. Alright then, let’s get to the analysis right away. 

KL Rahul vs Jos Buttler in ODIs (Number 5 or Below):

If we look at the overall stats of KL Rahul and Jos Buttler while batting at 5 or below in ODIs, KL Rahul has played only 25 ODIs as compared to 133 of Jos Buttler. While 25 isn’t a very high number, it is still good given the number of ODIs teams have been playing these days.

In 25 ODIs, KL Rahul looks superior with 995 runs at an average of 58.5 and a strike rate of 95.9. He has 1 hundred and 8 fifties to his name. Overall, KL Rahul has scored these runs at a consistency of 47.8% and a low scores % of 36. KL Rahul’s highest score came against New Zealand back in Feb 2020.

In comparison, Jos Buttler has scored 4237 runs from 133 innings at an average of 38.2 and a strike rate of 112.6. While Jos Buttler’s Strike rate is amazing, his consistency of 37.7% is on the lesser side. However, if we consider Buttler’s first 25 innings, he scored 686 runs at an average of 31.2 and a strike rate of 86.8%. 

KL Rahul’s Stats Batting at 5 or Below in ODIs.

Inns: 25 // Runs: 995 // Avg: 58.5 // SR: 95.9 // Hs: 112 // 50+: 9

Jos Buttler’s  Stats Batting at 5 or Below in ODIs.

Inns: 133 // Runs: 4237 // Avg: 38.2 // SR:112.6 // Hs: 150 // 50+: 30

If we talk about the best performance against a particular team, KL Rahul’s best comes against New Zealand where he has scored 231 runs from just 4 innings at an average of 77 and a strike rate of 105. Whereas Jos Buttler’s best performance comes against Bangladesh where he scored 321 runs from 7 innings at an average of 45.8 and a strike rate of 118.5

Overall, KL Rahul may have played fewer ODIs compared to Jos Buttler, but KL Rahul has two gears that he is able to adapt perfectly. With India facing England in a few days, all eyes will be on Captain Jos Buttler, and how he is able to bring his team back on track for the ODI World Cup 2023.  

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