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Best Players 11 with Highest ODI Score for India vs West Indies

Virender Sehwag, the standout as we look at the highest ODI score best players 11 for India vs West Indies. 

India vs West Indies ODIs have seen a total of 36 hundreds being scored by Indian players vs West Indies. Of the 36 hundreds, Kohli has scored the most number of hundreds, 9. But how about the top 11 highest score knocks by Indian players vs West Indies in ODIs? Well, let’s find out in this article. 

Top 11 Players with the Highest ODI Score for India vs West Indies:

#11: Virat Kohli – 120 @ Port of Spain (2019)

Score: 120(125) // 4s: 14 // 6s: 1 // SR: 96.0 

The only second knock on the list that has been played in West Indies. It belongs to Virat Kohli, who himself features four times in this list. Kohli has been exceptional against West Indies in ODIs, and this particular knock came during the 2019 West Indies tour. Kohli scored a brilliant 120 off 125 balls to take India to a match-winning 279 in 50 overs. 

#10: Sachin Tendulkar – 122 @ Harare (2001)

Score: 122*(131) // 4s: 12 // 6s: 1 // SR: 93.1 

Number 10 on the list comes from Master Blaster during the 2001 Coca-Cola Cup in Zimbabwe. Chasing 230 against West Indies, Sachin led the chase from the forward. While other batters struggled to strike well, Sachin maintained the tempo with an unbeaten 122 off 131 balls. Courtesy of Sachin’s stunning knock, India won the match in the 49th over.    

#9: Virat Kohli – 127 @ Dharamsala (2014)

Score: 127(114) // 4s: 13 // 6s: 3 // SR: 111.4 

At number 9, we once again have Virat Kohli, who was in his prime in 2014. Kohli scored a fabulous 127 off just 114 balls to lift India to 330/6 in 50 overs. Virat batted till the end, and only got out on the last ball of the innings via an unfortunate runout. Kohli scored 13 fours and 3 sixes in the knock that had a strike rate of 111.4.   

#8: Yuvraj Singh – 131 @ Kingston (2009)

Score: 131(102) // 4s: 10 // 6s: 7 // SR: 128.4

Number 8 belongs to Talismatic Left-hander Yuvraj Singh, who lit up the first ODI with an attacking 131 off 102 balls. Yuvi was during his prime towards the end of 2000 decade, and this knock was the testimony of it. Yuvi smashed 10 fours and 7 glorious sixes to lift India to 339/6. It was a touch-and-go in the chase as India won by just 20 runs. 

#7: Virat Kohli – 140 @ Guwahati (2018)

Score: 140(107) // 4s: 21 // 6s: 2 // SR: 130.8

Number 7 sees the most aggressive knock by Virat Kohli during an India vs West Indies ODI. Kohli in 2018 was a beast against West Indies, and this particular knock, he spared none. Virat smashed 21 fours during the knock; the most he hit against West Indies. Kohli maintained a strike rate of 130.8 to help India chase 323 in just the 43rd over. 

#6: Sachin Tendulkar – 141 @ Kuala Lumpur (2006)

Score: 141(148) // 4s: 13 // 6s: 5 // SR: 95.3

At number 6, we once again have Master Blaster, who played a wonderful knock of 141, but in a losing cause. The match belongs to the 2006 DLF Cup when multi-nation tournaments were in fashion. Sachin scored 141 off 148 balls to lift India to a solid total of 309. Unfortunately, rain played the spoil sport, and West Indies were announced winners basis of DLS method.   

#5: Rohit Sharma – 152 @  Guwahati (2018)

Score: 152*(117) // 4s: 15 // 6s: 8 // SR: 129.9

Coming to number 5, we have the first 150 on the list, and this comes from none other than Rohit Sharma. Rohit, who was in his prime in ODIs in 2018-19 scored an unbeaten 152 off 117 balls to help India chase 323 in just 42.1 overs. Rohit hit 8 sixes in the knock; the most by any Indian batter against West Indies in ODIs. 

#4: Virat Kohli – 157 @ Visakhapatnam (2018)

Score: 157*(129) // 4s: 13 // 6s: 4 // SR: 121.7

Finding his name for the fourth time on the list is Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 157 at Visakhapatnam. 2018-19 seems to be the season of records as there have been so many big centuries being scored during this period. The 157 by Kohli in 2018 remains his highest score vs West Indies. Unfortunately, it came in a tie even as India score a huge 321 in 50 overs.     

#3: Rohit Sharma – 159 @ Visakhapatnam (2018)

Score: 159(138) // 4s: 17 // 6s: 5 // SR: 115.2

The man of daddy hundreds, Rohit Sharma scored a monstrous 159 at the flat deck of Visakhapatnam in the same time period, 2018. However, the innings could be a touch slower by Rohit Sharma standards, who goes into beast mode once he reaches his 100. Nevertheless, India scored a mammoth 387/5, and won the match by a solid 107 runs. 

#2: Rohit Sharma – 162 @ Brabourne (2018)

Score: 162(137) // 4s: 20 // 6s: 4 // SR: 118.2

Featuring on the list for the third time, and the second highest score for India vs West Indies comes from Rohit Sharma at his home ground, Brabourne, Mumbai.  What’s more, this also comes in the 2018-19 period as Rohit’s fabulous 162 off 137 balls guides India to a solid score of 377/5 in 50 overs. But unlike previous matches, West Indies lost by a humongous 224 runs. 

#1: Virender Sehwag – 219 @ Indore (2011)

Score: 219(149) // 4s: 25 // 6s: 7 // SR: 146.9

The highest score by an Indian player vs West Indies in ODIs belongs to none other than Virender Sehwag. Indore is known to produce some really high-scoring knocks, and this Sehwag special double-hundred came against a strong bowling lineup of Roach, Narine, Russell, Rampaul, etc.

Sehwag with his highest score in ODIs, 219 off 149 balls helped India reach 418/5 in 50 overs, which also happens to be India’s highest score in ODIs. Sehwag hit 25 fours and 7 sixes; thus scoring 142 runs in boundaries, What’s more, his strike rate of 146.9 remains the highest in any century knock vs West Indies. 

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