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Exclusive: Ranking Best 6 Teams Performance in ICC Tournaments

Team India couldn’t progress beyond the group stage only once as we look at the ranking of the best 6 teams for their performance in ICC tournaments. 

After another humiliating loss in an ICC tournament, Indian fans aren’t happy with the team that hasn’t won any ICC event since 2013. The 2023 ICC World Test Championship final was Team India’s 9th attempt at an ICC trophy, and they couldn’t have got a better opportunity. But unfortunately, Australia got the better of India with a dominant win. 

But have Team India done so poorly in ICC events since 2013? Well, how about we evaluate the achievements of the big teams in the last 10 ICC events? But who are these big six teams? Given the consistency of rankings in all three formats, India, Pakistan, and SENA countries (South Africa, England, New Zealand, and Australia) form the best-ranked teams currently.

To rank the teams, we have classified the performance of all 6 teams into four brackets, viz., Champion, Runner-up, Semi-final finish, and Group stage finish. It’s difficult to quantify them as it is quite subjective, but if we take the methodology of Olympics, our job would get easier. So, let’s quantify Champion with Gold Medal, Runner-up with Silver, and Semi-final finish as Bronze. 

Ranking Best 6 Teams Performance in ICC Tournaments

#6: South Africa

Champion: 0 // Runner-up: 0 // Semi-final: 3

At number 6, we have South Africa, who have not won a single ICC tournament in the history of the game They have finished as semi-finalits on three occasions in the last 10 years, but that was in 2013, 2014, and 2015. However, they have only ended in the Group stage in the last 7 ICC tournaments. Their best performance would certainly be ODI World Cup 2015, where they realistically had a chance to qualify for the finals, but they choked. 

#5: Pakistan

Champion: 1 // Runner-up: 1 // Semi-final: 1

At number 5, we have Pakistan, who have been an ICC champion once in the Champions Trophy 2017, ended as runner-up in T20 World Cup 2022, and finished in the semi-final of the T20 World Cup 2021. However, their performance is still quite ordinary given that they couldn’t progress beyond the group stage on 7 occasions in the last 10 ICC tournaments. 

#4: New Zealand

Champion: 1 // Runner-up: 3 // Semi-final: 2

Number 4 sees New Zealand, who have a fairly better record than Pakistan and South Africa. They ended their ICC trophy drought when they won the World Test Championship in 2021. However, apart from that, they have been consistent, but without success. They ended as Runner-up in T20 World Cup 2021, ODI World Cup 2019, and ODI World Cup 2015.

Whereas they finished as semi-finalists in T20 World Cup 2022 and T20 World Cup 2016. Having progressed beyond the Group stage on 6 out of 10 occasions, they have been fairly consistent when it comes to ICC tournaments. However, not winning ODI World Cup, T20 World Cup, or Champions Trophy is something they would want to improve upon. 

#3: India

Champion: 1 // Runner-up: 4 // Semi-final: 4

Coming to number 3, we have Team India, who have undoubtedly been the most consistent team when it comes to ICC tournaments, but with an extremely poor success ratio. They have progressed beyond group stages on 9 out of 10 occasions, which is extraordinary, and the best among all teams. The only time they ended in the Group stage was in T20 World Cup 2021. 

However, even then, they ended up on the winning side in 2013, and that was almost a decade back. India played 4 finals after that in 2014, 2017, 2021, and 2023, but failed to convert any. Similarly, they ended as semi-finalists on 4 more occasions, but couldn’t convert once again. The fact of not winning the ICC trophy hurts more even though India have been the most consistent team. 

#2: England

Champion: 2 // Runner-up: 2 // Semi-final: 2

At number 2, we have England, who been the second most successful team in ICC tournaments on the last 10 occasions. England have won twice during this period, and that is ODI World Cup 2019 and T20 World Cup 2022. Surprisingly, England had never won any ICC tournament before that.  

Apart from that, England ended as runner-up in T20 World Cup 2016 and Champions Trophy 2013. Whereas they finished as semi-finalists in T20 World Cup 2021 and Champions Trophy 2017. Overall, England would want to get their hands on the longest format of the game, the World Test Championship, which also happens to be their most lovable format. 

#1: Australia

Champion: 3 // Runner-up: 0 // Semi-final: 1

Finally, the number 1 team on the list is Australia, who have been the most successful team in the last 10 years with all three trophies in their name, the ODI World Cup 2015, the T20 World Cup 2021, and the World Test Championship 2021-23. They are the only team in the world to have won all three tournaments. 

Having said that, Australia have also not progressed beyond the group stage on almost 6 occasions in the last 10 tournaments, which also reflects their binary nature – It’s either zero or hero. Seeing the current Australian team, expect them to come all guns blazing in the ODI World Cup 2023. 

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