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Asia Cup 2023: Best 11 Highest Individual ODI Score for India

Virat Kohli vs Pakistan, the highlight as we look at the best 11 highest individual score for Team India in Asia Cup history. 

In the Asia Cup ODI format history, Team India have played a total of 49 matches ahead of Asia Cup 2023. In these 49 matches, Team India have seen a total of 16 centuries being scored by the Indian players. But how about the top 11 highest Individual score for Team India in Asia Cup history? Well, let’s find out in this article. 

Highest Individual for Team India in Asia Cup History:

#11: MS Dhoni’s 109 vs Hong Kong, 2008

Score: 109*(96) // 4s: 6 // 6s: 6 // SR: 113.4

At number 11, we have MS Dhoni’s attacking 109 vs Hong Kong back in 2008. Virender Sehwag laid the platform with a blistering 78 off 44 balls, and MS Dhoni finished the innings at 374/4 with MS Dhoni scoring an unbeaten 109 off 96 balls. Dhoni hit 6 fours and 6 sixes in the innings, and maintained a strike rate of 113.5.  

#10: Rohit Sharma’s 111 vs Pakistan, 2018

Score: 111*(119) // 4s: 7 // 6s: 4 // SR: 93.3

At number 10, we have Rohit Sharma’s stunning century during a chase against Pakistan from Asia Cup 2018. In the absence of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma led the Indian team, and this particular knock came in the opening India vs Pakistan fixture while chasing 238 runs. Rohit scored an unbeaten 111 off 119 balls with 7 fours and 4 sixes to his name. 

#9: Sachin Tendulkar’s 112 vs Sri Lanka, 1995

Score: 112*(107) // 4s: 15 // 6s: 1 // SR: 104.7

The oldest knock among the top 11 knocks comes from Sachin Tendulkar during Asia Cup 1995 in Sharjah. Sharjah has been one of Sachin’s favourite destinations, and this particular knock came while chasing 203 vs Sri Lanka. Sachin scored an unbeaten 112 off 107 balls with 15 fours and 1 six to his name. 

#8: Shikhar Dhawan’s 114 vs Pakistan, 2018

Score: 114(100) // 4s: 16 // 6s: 2 // SR: 114

In the same innings where Rohit Sharma scored 111, Shikhar Dhawan won the Player of the Match with a stunning 114 off 100 balls. Dhawan played the aggressor between the two openers, and hit 16 fours and 2 sixes during the knock with a strike rate of 114.  

#7: Sachin Tendulkar’s 114 vs Bangladesh, 2012 

Score: 114(147) // 4s: 12 // 6s: 1 // SR: 77.55

At number 7, we have Sachin Tendulkar’s 114 vs Bangladesh from Asia Cup 2012. This is one knock that came in a losing cause even after Sachin’s 114 guided Team India to a solid 289 from 50 overs. Unfortunately, Bangladesh chased the score in the 50th over as the bowling lineup of Ashok Dinda, Praveen Kumar couldn’t defend it.  

#6: Suresh Raina’s 116 vs Bangladesh, 2008

Score: 116*(107) // 4s: 11 // 6s: 3 // SR: 108.4

Number 6 sees Suresh Raina’s attacking 116 vs Bangladesh from Asia Cup 2008. Chasing a solid 284, Gautam Gambhir started the chase with a solid 90, and Suresh Raina finished the chase in just 43.2 overs. Raina scored a superb 116 off 107 balls with 11 fours and 3 sixes to his name. 

#5: Virender Sehwag’s 119 vs Pakistan, 2008

Score: 119(95) // 4s: 12 // 6s: 5 // SR: 124.3

Another special knock from Asia Cup 2008, and it comes from Virender Sehwag vs Pakistan. Chasing a mammoth 300, Sehwag lit the chase with a blazing 119 off just 95 balls. India chased the target in just 42.1 overs with support from Yuvraj and Raina. Sehwag’s strike rate of 125.3 is also the highest among the top 11 highest scores. 

#4: Shikhar Dhawan’s 127 vs Hong Kong, 2018

Score: 127(120) // 4s: 15 // 6s: 2 // SR: 105.8

Dhawan had a successful Asia Cup 2018 campaign, and his second century came against Hong Kong while batting first. Except for Rohit Sharma, Dhawan had minimum support from other batters. Dhawan scored a brilliant 127 off 120 balls with 15 fours and 2 sixes to lift India to 285/7. However, HK fought hard, and India just managed to win the match by 26 runs.     

#3: Sourav Ganguly’s 135 vs Bangladesh, 2000

Score: 135*(124) // 4s: 6 // 6s: 7 // SR: 108.9

At number 3, we have Sourav Ganguly with a solid century while chasing against Bangladesh from Asia Cup 2000. Chasing 250, Ganguly scored a solid 125 off 124 balls with the second-highest scorer being Sachin ar 36. Even with a low target, Ganguly played with a strike rate of 108.9. 

#2: Virat Kohli’s 136 vs Bangladesh, 20114

Score: 136(122) // 4s: 16 // 6s: 2 // SR: 111.5

Number 2 and number 1 knock belong to Virat Kohli, and we have Kohli’s 136 vs Bangladesh from Asia Cup 2014. Chasing 280, Kohli, the chase master managed the chase to perfection with a superb 136 off 122 balls with 16 fours and 2 sixes to his name. Courtesy of Kohli’s knock, India chased the target in 49 overs. 

#1: Virat Kohli’s 183 vs Pakistan, 2012

Score: 183(148) // 4s: 22 // 6s: 1 // SR: 123.6

Undoubtedly the best knock in the Asia Cup, and also the best knock of Virat Kohli comes from his younger self. Chaing a mammoth 330, Kohli with support from Sachin and Rohit dominated the chase with a magnanimous 183 off just 148 balls. Kohli hit 22 fours and 1 six, and helped India chase target in just 47.5 overs. 

So, that’s about the highest individual score by Team India batters in Asia Cup history. 

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