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IPL 2024: All 16 Seasons Orange Cap Winner List Ranking

Virat Kohli and Shubman Gill, the standout as we look at the exclusive ranking of the All 16 seasons orange cap winner list ahead of IPL 2024.

IPL 2024 Orange Cap List Ranking for All 16 Seasons

David Warner – 2015

Inns: 14 // Runs: 562 // Avg: 43.2 // SR: 156.5 // HS: 91

Number 16 sees David Warner, who had scored 562 runs while winning the orange cap in 2015. It was the year Mumbai Indians claimed their second trophy, but it was David Warner who led the runs chart with 562 runs to his name. It wasn’t a very encouraging year for the batters as 562 looks like a meager number when it comes to the leading run-scorer. 

Matthew Hayden – 2009

Inns: 12 // Runs: 572 // Avg: 52 // SR: 144.8 // HS: 89

Number 15 on the list takes us back to 2009 when Matthew Hayden dominated the show with 572 runs from just 12 innings. It was a supreme display of batting from Hayden who scored five fifties from 12 innings with a highest score being 89. It is important to note that even after playing just 12 innings, the difference in runs between Hayden and second-placed Gilchrist is almost 77 runs. 

Chris Gayle – 2011

Inns: 12 // Runs: 608 // Avg: 67.5 // SR: 183.1 // HS: 107

The year is 2011, and we were witnessing Chris Gayle in his prime. After coming in as a replacement for Dirk Nannes, Chirs Gayle reignited his T20 supremacy as he ended the season as the leading run scorer with just 12 innings under his belt. Gayle scored 608 runs from just 12 innings at a breathtaking strike rate of 183.1; the highest among all Orange cap winners. 

Shaun Marsh – 2008

Inns: 11 // Runs: 616 // Avg: 68.4 // SR: 139.7 // HS: 115

Number 13 on the list belongs to Shaun Marsh, who was outstanding during the inaugural edition of the Indian Premier League, IPL 2008. Marsh played only 11 innings but scored a stunning 616 runs at a superb average of 68.4. Marsh scored five fifties and one hundred in just 11 innings; that’s a 50+ score in more than 50% of the games.

Sachin Tendulkar – 2010

Inns: 15 // Runs: 618 // Avg: 47.5 // SR: 132.6 // HS: 89*

At number 12, we have Sachin Tendulkar, who won the orange cap in 2010 with a total of 618 runs to his name. Sachin is the only Mumbai Indians player to have won the Orange cap in the Indian Premier League. With innumerable achievements to his name, adding an Orange cap to his name at the flag end of his career was a cherry on the cake. 

Ruturaj Gaikwad – 2021

Inns: 16 // Runs: 635 // Avg: 45.4 // SR: 136.3 // HS: 101*

Number 11 sees Ruturaj Gaikwad, who became the only uncapped player to have won the Orange cap in 2021. Ruturaj, who was playing only his second IPL scored a superb 635 runs from 16 innings. Ruturaj was instrumental for CSK as they secured their fourth IPL title under the leadership of MS Dhoni. 

David Warner – 2017

Inns: 14 // Runs: 641 // Avg: 58.3 // SR: 141.8 // HS: 126

At number 10, we have David Warner, who finds himself in the orange cap list for the second time. The year is 2017, and Warner scored a solid 641 runs in 14 innings as he took his team, SRH to the Playoffs. This was also the year David Warner registered his highest score of 126 in the Indian Premier League. 

Robin Uthappa – 2014

Inns: 16 // Runs: 660 // Avg: 44 // SR: 137.8 // HS: 83*

Coming to number 9 on the list, we have Robin Uthappa, who won the orange cap in 2014. This was KKR’s year of dominance as they secured their second IPL title, and Uthappa helped KKR in achieving that. Moreover, Robin Uthappa remains the only KKR to find himself in the Orange cap winners list.

KL Rahul – 2020

Inns: 14 // Runs: 670 // Avg: 55.8 // SR: 129.3 // HS: 132*

Number 8 on the list belongs to KL Rahul, who was in a dream phase in 2019-20. After a debacle episode with Koffee with Karan a few months before IPL, KL Rahul changed his game style completely as he went from a strike rate of 150+ in 2019 to 129 in 2020. Nevertheless, his performance still helped him earn the Orange Cap even as his team couldn’t do well. 

David Warner – 2019

Inns: 12 // Runs: 692 // Avg: 69.2 // SR: 143.9 // HS: 100*

Number 7 on the list once again sees David Warner for the third time. Such has been the dominance of David Warner in the Indian Premier League that he has three Orange Cap titles to his name; the most number of titles in the tournament. Warner had scored a staggering 692 runs from just 12 innings in 2019 highlighting one of the best performances ever in the IPL. 

Michael Hussey – 2013

Inns: 17 // Runs: 733 // Avg: 52.4 // SR: 129.5 // HS: 95

At number 6, we have Michael Hussey, who in 2013 became the second CSK player to win the Orange cap. Hussey continued the tradition left by Matthew Hayden as the southpaw scored a superb 733 runs from 17 innings. Hussey was one of the reasons why CSK ended up playing one more final in the IPL.

Chris Gayle – 2012

Inns: 14 // Runs: 733 // Avg: 61.1 // SR: 160.7 // HS: 128*

Number 5 sees the Universal boss who was in imperious form in the 2012 IPL season. Gayle scored a staggering 733 runs in that season with Gautam Gambhir being second at just 590 runs. Gayle looked ruthless that season as he smashed seven fifties and one hundred in just 14 innings. 

Kane Williamson – 2018

Inns: 17 // Runs: 735 // Avg: 52.5 // SR: 142.4 // HS: 84

At number 4, we have Orange army captain, Kane Williamson winning the Orange Cap in 2018. In Warner’s absence, Williamson did everything possible to take his team to the final, but even as Williamson scored a solid 735 runs, he couldn’t help his team overcome CSK’s bid-daddy comeback in the final. 

Jos Buttler – 2022

Inns: 17 // Runs: 863 // Avg: 57.5 // SR: 149.1 // HS: 116

At number 3, we have Rajasthan Royals’ only player on the list, Jos Buttler. Buttler had scored a magnificent 863 runs in the 2022 season; that’s 247 runs more than the second-placed KL Rahul. Buttler’s imperious form included four fifties and four stunning centuries. Needless to say, Buttler’s stunning form helped RR reach their second IPL final after 2008.  

Shubman Gill – 2023

Inns: 17 // Runs: 890 // Avg: 59.3 // SR: 157.8 // HS: 129

Number 2 on the list is the newest addition to the Orange Cap list, Shubman Gill. Gill, at the age of 24 broke all barriers with his stunning consistent display of batting. He scored an outstanding 890 runs from 17 innings with four fifties and three hundred to his name. Gill has only improved his performance year-on-year in the IPL as his runs tally went from 203 to 296 to 440 to 478 to 483 to 890 runs. 

Virat Kohli – 2016

Inns: 16 // Runs: 973 // Avg: 81.1 // SR: 152.0 // HS: 113

Finally, at numero uno, we have the champion of champions, Virat Kohli. Kohli scored a staggering 973 runs from 16 innings at a breathtaking average of 81.1. As long as there are 14 group-stage matches in the competition, the record may remain unbeaten. However, even after scoring these many runs, RCB still remain trophy-less; a dream that has been running for more than 16 years now. 

So, that’s about the final list of IPL 2024 Orange Cap list ranking for all 16 seasons. 

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