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Exclusive: Latest 11 Players List to Make T20I Debut for Team India

Tilak Varma and Mukesh Kumar, the recent ones as we look at the latest 11 players list to have made their T20I debut for Team India. 

Ever since Team India’s first T20I match vs South Africa in December 2006, there have been a total of 104 players making their T20I debut for Team India. It’s been more than 17 years since India started playing T20I cricket – a period that has also given us the most successful T20 league in the world, Indian Premier League. 

During the first 8 years in T20Is, India saw a total of 49 players making their T20I debut for Team India, and the next 9 years including 2023 has been 55 players making their T20I debut. But how about the most recent players who made their T20I debut for Team India? How did they perform in their debut, and where are they currently? Well, let’s find out in this article.  

Most Recent 11 Players to Make T20I Debut for Team India:

#11: Harshal Patel (Nov 2021)

Number 11 on the list is Harshal Patel, who made his T20I debut vs New Zealand in Nov 2021. Harshal had a good outing on his debut with a spell reading 2/25. Since then, Harshal played 25 T20Is taking 29 wickets, and also featured in T20 World Cup 2022. However, Harshal isn’t in Team India’s T20I team anymore. 

#10: Ravi Bishnoi (Feb 2022)

A few months later, Team India saw their only spinner making his debut in T20Is in the last 1.5 years. Ravi Bishnoi made his T20I debut vs West Indies in Feb 2022, and bowled a brilliant spell of 2/17. Since then, Bishnoi has played 10 T20Is, and he is currently one of the top 3 spinners in Team India in limited-overs cricket. 

#9: Avesh Khan (Feb 2022)

Only two matches later, we saw Avesh Khan making his T20I debut vs West Indies in Feb 2022. Avesh didn’t have an impressive outing on debut with a spell reading 0/42. Since then, management did trust Avesh as one of the key pacers, but he has performed below-par with 13 wickets from 15 games. However, Avesh is still a part of the current T20I team. 

#8: Deepak Hooda (Feb 2022)

Only in the very next series, we saw Team India’s only All-rounder to have made his T20I debut in the last 1.5 years. Deepak Hooda made his T20I debut against Sri Lanka in Feb 2022, but couldn’t bat in that match. Since then, Hooda has featured in 21 T20Is scoring 368 runs. Deepak isn’t a first-choice anymore in T20Is, but is among the reserves for Asian Games Hangzhou. 

#7: Umran Malik (June 2022)

A few months later in June 2022, we saw India’s current fastest bowler, Umran Malik making his T20I debut. Umran made his debut against Ireland, but couldn’t impress with a spell reading 0/14. Given the potential, Umran has featured in 8 T20Is so far, while taking 11 wickets. Umran is still a part of India’s limited-overs squad, and has a long way to go. 

#6: Arshdeep Singh (July 2022)

A month later in July 2022, India saw their current leader in pace attack, Arshdeep Singh making his T20I debut. Even since his impressive debut against England with a spell of 2/18, Arshdeep has been an integral member of the T20I team. He has played 27 T20Is since then while taking 43 wickets at an impressive average of 17.4,  

#5: Shivam Mavi (Jan 2023)

The year is 2023, and we have Team India’s first T20I debutant in the form of Shivam Mavi. Mavi made an impressive debut against Sri Lanka with a spell of 4/22. Since then, Mavi has featured in 6 T20Is with 7 wickets to his name. Mavi isn’t a part of Team India’s current T20I team, but has been given the opportunity in Asian Games Hangzhou. 

#4: Subman Gill (Jan 2023)

In the same match vs Sri Lanka, Team India saw one of their future superstars, Shubman Gill making his T20I debut. Gill didn’t impress in his T20I debut with a score of 7 off 5 balls. But Gill is now a first-choice opener for Team India in a limited-overs format. He also has the highest score in T20Is even as he played only 7 T20Is so far. 

#3: Rahul Tripathi (Jan 2023)

The same series saw Rahul Tripathi making his T20I debut for Team India. Tripathi has played 5 T20Is so far, but is already out of contention for the T20I team owing to poor form in IPL 2023. However, if he impresses in Asian Games and IPL 2024, he should be back in the Indian team.

#2: Mukesh Kumar (Aug 2023)

The 103rd player to make his T20I debut for Team India is Mukesh Kumar. Mukesh has had a wonderful West Indies tour so far having made his debut for Team India in all three formats. With his smooth action and swing control, Mukesh looks like a long-run horse. Hopefully, he makes great strides with the Indian team.  

#1: Tilak Varma (Aug 2023)

The most recent of the lot, we have Tilak Varma making their T20I debut vs West Indies in August 2023. Tilak has already shown us glimpses of the future with an amazing debut. He looks set to play Team India for long, and there are no second thoughts about it. He has the potential to replicate what Yuvraj Singh did for Team India at number 4 position. 

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